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Broken Carousel

A gripping story entitled Broken Carousel. It's a about a girl striving to find a way to a life revolving around happily ever after. Her journey begins on her way to find prince charming, but is detoured when her journey is diverted

Chasing Fire

Chasing Fire is a all human story. Edward and Bella are the main characters of course, but all the characters are in it. What fires will he have to chase.

The Unbreakable Bond

Leah leaves and goes to college and falls in love with Steve, he has a ten year old daughter named Alex. They go to the rez together and something amazing happens. Sam's son Liam imprints.. Leah falling in love is where The Unbreakable Bond all starts.

Hidden Aria

Aria is a girl hidden away for her own protection and for others as well. She has a prophecy to live up to and she isn't sure she can. She is the older sister of Harry Potter who she thinks is dead, what will she do when she finds out he isn't.

The Untouchables

Coming Soon to a Fan fic Site Near You!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Runaway Daughter Chapter 6: Trying To Take It All Away

Chapter 6 ~  Trying To Take It All Away…

When I got to that house, they were all waiting outside for me.  When they seen me driving my car their mouths dropped to the floor.  I got out and smiled at their reaction.  Even though Kylie had already seen the car, and no doubt told them about it,  she still looked at me like that.  Then Caleb pulled in with his car and they did a double take.  Our cars matched, the only difference was mine was purple and his was silver.  I motioned for Kylie to come over and help me and she did.  I handed her my book bag and two other shopping bags.  They had clothes in them.  She just stood there not knowing what to do. 

            “Kylie, could you take those to my room for me?  Do you mind?”  I asked.

            “Sure, I guess”  She replied.

The Runaway Daughter Chapter 5: The Place Where I Belong

Chapter 5 ~ The Place Where I Belong

I headed back towards Caleb’s room and stopped outside his door.  I wanted to say something to him but I wanted it to be private, you know how it is, with a houseful of vampires, they can hear everything you say. 

So I thought to myself.  I love you so much Caleb.  I never want to leave your side.  There isn’t enough words in the English language to explain what you mean to me! I love you.  Within seconds he was out his bedroom door pulling me inside and to his couch.  We kissed, for a long time, it felt like what seemed like forever and then he pulled away. 

            “Arabella I love you more than you know.  I’ve never felt this way about anyone.  The other day you asked me a question that I never got a chance to answer so now I would like to tell you how I came to live with your father.  Is that okay?  I want you to know me.” He said this to me with passionate fire blazing in his eyes.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Unbreakable Faith: Chapter 3 - Free to be Me Teaser!!!

Chapter 3 – Free to be Me

Taking a deep breath as I finally stepped through the trees and saw the gleam of the water from the moon shinning on it. Smiling to myself, I stepped over the edge of the trees and onto the beach. Sitting down on the beach and taking my backpack off my back, I grabbed a bottle of water out and chugged it. I hadn’t realized how far I had walked that day that I came here. It wasn’t as close as I had thought, but the only thing that mattered was that I had made it so far.
Looking around, I made sure no one was around and stood up and started walking again. I figured there had to be someone around soon that could tell me how to get to the bus station. I really didn’t know what I was really hoping for. I just wanted to get away from all of them, I needed to find out who I was and that was what I was going to do.
Just Keep Going!
I walked up the beach, but there wasn’t anything, just beach and water. I just kept walking though. I had to. The sun was beginning to come up over the horizon and I wasn’t close to where I needed to go.
“HEY.” Someone yelled from behind me.
Oh fuck, no…I can’t go back.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Two Upcoming Fics: Endless Rain and Till The End

I'm very excited about both of these fics and can't wait to start writing them.  I really want to finish Chasing Fire first, but it only has one chapter and an epilogue left so it wont be too long before I get to start these two fics.  Below is the banners and the summaries for both Endless Rain and Till The End. 

 Summary: When Bella moved away at the age of ten, Edward thought he had lost his world.  But when she walked back into Forks Elementary and his life many years later with a little boy of her own, he got his second chance.  Being the little boys teacher had it's advantages and he was going to use them to put his world back together. Will the connection they once shared still be there or will that spark that they had be diminished with the time passing?

Full fic to go with my one shot "Just A Kiss Goodnight"

Friday, October 4, 2013

Upcoming Fic: Fighting Alone

This is a The Host Fan Fiction!!! It isn't a very happy story, I write angsty stories so if you are looking for happy then please turn around and read something else.   

 Upcoming Fic: Prologue
Sometimes I wonder how life had gotten so fucked up.  The world isn’t what it once was. For example the world I knew didn’t have a bunch of aliens trying to take over our minds and our world. I remember our world a lot different.

The Untouchables Chapter1: Rosalie Hale AKA The Blond Bombshell

A/N: Hey everyone...This is my new story The Untouchables...I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed writing the first chapter. A huge thanks goes out to my beta busymommy and my pre-reader Butterflybetty, thank you so much both of you for every thing! The Banner and Vid for this story will be posted on my profile asap. Thanks for reading! Also thanks to all the girls that join us on The Twigasm WC night for helping me through this chapter. Alright I'll shut up now...Happy Reading! 

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of this story they belong to the lovely Stephenie Meyer. I just love playing with Emmett *snickers* I do own the plot though, so please do not take any of this story, that would be stealing! Thanks!

Chapter 1~ Rosalie Hale: AKA The Blond Bombshell

You know, sometimes, being me is a pain in the ass. On one hand, I'm this tall blond bomb shell, on the other; I'm a hardworking, kick ass FBI agent. You heard me correct, I'm FBI. I've even shot a few people in the line of duty. I have to say I really enjoy my career choice...well most of the time.

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