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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Runaway Daughter Chapter 6: Trying To Take It All Away

Chapter 6 ~  Trying To Take It All Away…

When I got to that house, they were all waiting outside for me.  When they seen me driving my car their mouths dropped to the floor.  I got out and smiled at their reaction.  Even though Kylie had already seen the car, and no doubt told them about it,  she still looked at me like that.  Then Caleb pulled in with his car and they did a double take.  Our cars matched, the only difference was mine was purple and his was silver.  I motioned for Kylie to come over and help me and she did.  I handed her my book bag and two other shopping bags.  They had clothes in them.  She just stood there not knowing what to do. 

            “Kylie, could you take those to my room for me?  Do you mind?”  I asked.

            “Sure, I guess”  She replied.

I looked at the guy I used to call dad, I really didn’t know what to call him now.  I motioned for his help and he helped by getting the box with the book shelf in it.  My bed was being delivered in a hour.  I couldn’t wait to see their faces when that showed up. 

Caleb walked over with my computer and brought it up to my room.  The woman I had called mom all these years was still just standing there with her mouth open.  I motioned for her to help me and she carried more bags in for me.  I tried to smile at her, but she frowned at me.   I carried the last of the bags in, when I got to my room everyone was there just standing around.  Kylie spoke first.

            “How in the world did you get all of this?”  She was so snobby.  You could just tell it in her voice.  Then she looked at her parents and said “you all didn’t give her any money for this stuff did you?”

            “ No of course not, we don’t have this kind of money.”  They both gave me a death look.

I looked at Caleb with a frightened look on my face. Told you!  Now what. He spoke up before I could, saving me from having to try to explain all this.

            “Ma’am, they are all gifts from me.  So is the car,  I saw how she was going without and I love her and want her to be happy so I will be taking care of her from now on,  if you all don’t mind.”

            “Well then why don’t she just move in with you then.”  Kylie said under her breath.  I put my head down like I always did around here. 

            “ I don’t like this.” They both said together.  “This isn’t right!”

Just then the truck with my bed and my bedding pulled in and put the truck in park.  The delivery guys got out and rang the door bell.  I kept my head down.

            “That will be her bed.  Could someone possibly let them in.” Caleb said in a stern voice.  I could tell he was getting aggravated.

            “A bed… She gets a new bed too!  Mom, dad, this is so not fair.”  Kylie squealed and stormed out of the room, I heard her slam her door shut. 

They had always treated her the best, because she was their own daughter. Their biological daughter, you know flesh and blood. The door bell rang again and Caleb went down stairs to answer the door and let them in.   I just stood there, with them staring at me. 

The delivery guys brought in my new bed and bedding then they went back down stairs and brought in another big box.  I looked at Caleb and he said show you in a minute under his breath. 

I asked for some private time so I could unpack they almost told me no, but Caleb gave them a dirty look, and they walked out.

I didn’t have to worry about my old bed the delivery guys took it out for Caleb he gave them both one hundred dollar bills for a tip.  That had floored the people I lived with.  When they were finally gone he came over and hugged me.  I cried in his arms for a few minutes.

 He pulled my chin up and looked at me, he wiped away my tears.  He pulled me over to where that strange box was.  He showed me what it was, It was my own TV.  He took it out and set it up.  He attached it to a bracket and it hung on my wall on the opposite from my new bed.  He had picked it out just for me.

I couldn’t stop crying, I was so happy, but so worried what they were going to say when he left.  I knew he heard me when I thought about that so he stayed and helped me hook up my computer on my desk and then helped me put all the clothes away in my tiny closet.  He shook his head the whole time he did this.

I heard him mumble something like this is so not a girls closet, how could they treat someone like you, like this.  I looked up at him and the tears spilled over even more.  I went over and sat down on my big bed with the blue silk.  It almost felt like home, but not enough.  I wanted my dad! 

            “Call him, right now, if you want him you call him.”  Caleb sat down next to me and handed me my cell phone.

            “Caleb, he’s at work, he’s busy right now.  I don’t want to bug him.”  I told him.

            “You would never bug him, he told you if you ever needed him for you to call him right?  Well what do you want to do right now?”

 Right before I reached for the phone I overheard them talking down stairs.  The walls where so thin in this house you could hear everyone in the house and know exactly where they were. 

They were saying something like How dare him buy her all those things, who does he think he is.  I think we need to tell him to leave now and not to come back.  He has no right. That made me want to talk to my dad even more so I dialed the phone it rang two times and he picked up.

            “Hey Honey get home Okay?”

            “Yeah, dad”  was all I could say I sucked in a shuddering breath then I was crying again.

            “ Honey, what’s going on?”

I couldn’t answer I just handed the phone to Caleb and leaned into his side.  He held me while he told my dad what had happened.  Then Caleb handed the phone back to me. 

            “Honey, do you want me to come over there and talk to them?”  He asked me

            “No dad that won’t help anything, it would probably make it worse.  I love you,  I already miss you!  It helped just to hear your voice, thank you!”

            “Arabella, you call me if you need me, even if you just want to hear me.  I love you too sweetie.  Goodnight.  Try to sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

            “Goodnight daddy, see you tomorrow.”  I hung up the phone and cried even harder into Caleb’s side.  He held me for a while then they came in with out knocking and stared at us.  Caleb did not like the idea of them not knocking.  I saw his jaw tighten.

            “I think it’s about time for you to leave our house.  All of this stuff you have bought here will be taken back tomorrow while she is at school.  You are forbidden to see him again young lady.  He is not to step foot in this house again.  Do you understand.  We will not have you buying her things like this.”

            “WHAT!  NO!  YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”  I yelled at them.  I crumpled to the floor crying.  I could feel Caleb trying to gently pick me up but they yelled at him.
            “LEAVE NOW!  GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE!” He pointed at Caleb and made him leave with me on the floor crying. 

I heard him get in the car and slam his door shut.  He started the car and revved the engine, he pealed out and left me.  They looked down at me and left me there on the floor crying.  I cried for a while, then the thoughts that I had crippled me in the past came into my head once again. I’m going to lose everything again.  Then my cell rang, I grabbed it before they could hear it , that was just another thing they would take from me, it was Caleb.  I answered it.

            “ Hello” I whispered

            “Hey, you're not going to lose everything, that includes me. Your dad wants to talk to you,”

            “Okay”  I couldn’t really talk I was hoarse from all the crying and yelling.

            “Hey, sweetheart,”  was all I let him say.

            “Daddy, I want to come home, please, let me come home?”  I said crying harder.

            “Oh honey” he moaned.  Then he took a minute I guess to think then he said.   “You know what I’m not going to let them treat you like this.  I want you to grab your stuff all of it including the new stuff.  Open your window in about fifteen minutes.  The boys will be there.  They are going to get all your stuff back here.  Then I want you to grab your purse and your keys and walk down stairs and get in your car.  Come straight here!  Okay”

“Thank you daddy!  I love you!” I whispered and the phone went silent.

Within 15 minutes the boys were all there.   They got all my stuff and took it to the house.  Caleb grabbed me and held me for most of the time while they were carrying stuff out.  It took a while because they were actually running back and forth to a moving truck down the road.  I just sat there letting him hold me still lightly crying. 

The boys tried to cheer me up, but they had to be quite.  They did make me smile though.  After everything was gone except the bed.  I wouldn’t need it anyways,  Kylie could have the damn thing.  I kissed Caleb, he looked down at me.

            “My car is parked up by the stop sign, get in your car and drive that way then follow me.”

            “Alright”  I kissed him again and told him Thank you.

            “You know better than that, you don’t have to Thank me!  I love you and I’m going to take care of you just like I told them earlier.”  I tried to smile at him, he kissed me on the forehead and said “see you in a minute, they don’t know where we live.  No one around here does, so you’ll be fine.”

            “Go I’ll see you in a minute,”

He left me, by jumping out my window.  I looked around at the almost empty room, all that was left was the bed, stripped of the bedding, and the desk.  I grabbed my purse and the two pictures I had brought with me from my dad’s,  my keys,  phone and slowly walked down stairs.  I walked through the kitchen were they were all sitting having dinner, they didn’t even tell me it was done, and I walked out the door.

 I didn’t even stop to listen to them yelling after me.  I got in my car and left.  My birthday is in two weeks and they couldn’t do anything after that, I would be 18 years old.  How would I stay hidden for two weeks though, I had to go to school.  I had to graduate so I could go to Harvard!  I felt like everything was just crashing down on me, but just then I saw Caleb’s car and he was standing next to it with Steven.

I stopped the car behind him and put it in park.  Caleb got in his car, Steven walked away from the car and came to my door, opened it and picked me up out of my seat and carried me to Caleb’s car, he put me in the passenger seat and walked back to my car and got in.  Then Caleb drove me home. 


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